Smoker’s Prayer


These prayers believe it or not can help you through a craving.  It may take you finding the one that works for you.  Or possibly a mantra might be more for you.  I used mantras.

“Smoker’s Prayer”

Heavenly Father, hear my plea,
and grant my lungs serenity.
Give me the strength to kick the smoking
that’s been causing all my choking.

Let my breath be fresh and clean
without a trace of nicotine.
Each ciggie I smoke so often
Adds another nail in my coffin

Guide me, Lord, by your holy means
past all those cigarette machines.
It hurts to hear My Loved ones say
kissing ya’s like lickin’ an ashtray.

Please oh Lord, Hear my voice,
Give me will power, while I have a choice.
I ask your help and it’s no wonder
Because if I don’t quit, I’m six feet under.


‘Breathing deeply cause you can!’

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