101 Replacements for Lighting Up

1. Quiet Walk in the park.
2. Play with a dog or cat.
3. Play with children.
4. Work on a jigsaw puzzle.
5. Take a bubble bath for 1/2 hour.
6. Listen to good music.
7. Wash your car.
8. Clean a closet or drawer.
9. Write a friend a note.
10. Hug someone today.
11.Watch Survivor II.
12. Mow the Lawn.
13. Play Scrabble.
14. Walk the dog.
15. Brisk walk or jog.
16. Clean the refrigerator out.
17. Watch the aquarium fish.
18. Meditate for 20 minutes.
19. Say a prayer for someone.
20. Bake cookies or a cake.
21. Shop till you drop.
22. Do some indoor gardening.
23. Wash some windows.
24. Read to an elderly person.
25. Visit someone in a hospital.
26. Go fishing.
27. Drive around the block.
28. Plant a shrub.
29. Get a soothing massage.
30. Try aromatherapy.
31. Take some pictures.
32. Browse through an online auction.
33. Rent a videotape.
34. Work a crossword puzzle.
35. Do inline dancing.
36. Work out in a gym.
37. Hit a punching bag.
38. Read some poetry.
39. Do some Yoga.
40. Roll pennies in wrappers.
41. Sort the sock drawer.
42. Browse a book store.
43. Take up needlepoint.
44. Fly a kite.
45. Wash the car.
46. Eat a pizza.
47. Make hard-boiled eggs.
48. Go to the library.
49. Sweep the porch.
50. Pick or buy flowers.
51. Sing a song.
52. Rearrange furniture.
53. Start a woodworking project.
54. Fix something that’s broken.
55. Brush your teeth.
56. Get a seafood dinner.
57. Put up a backyard bird feeder.
58. Watch “World’s Funniest Animals”.
59. Call your grandma or grandpa.
60. Talk to your Quit Buddy.
61. Make a protein milkshake.
62. Draw or paint a picture.
63. Play a musical instrument.
64. Play Solitaire.
65. Watch ants with a magnifier.
66. Make a snowman.
67. Get a tan in a salon.
68. Make a healthy snack.
69. Re-pot your houseplants.
70. Play with a Slinky toy.
71. Read a magazine.
72. Suck on some Altoids.
73.Visit a florist to smell flowers.
74. Read posts in the Forum.
75. Go to a good movie.
76. Bicycle around the block.
77. Buy a Secret Pal greeting card.
78. Play a new CD.
79. Cook up a new dish.
80. Browse a new store.
81. Have or do a pedicure.
82. Shop for shoes.
83. Watch Crocodile Hunter on TV.
84. Talk to your sponsor.
85. Take your daily vitamins.
86. Play cards with someone.
87. Pay a couple of bills.
88. Make a terrarium.
89. Play with an Etch-A-Sketch.
90. Sit outside, listen to birds.
91. Make a video film.
92. Play an online game.
93. Read some funny jokes.
94. Enjoy the smells in a bakery.
95. Listen to the ocean on tape or for real.
96. Play with a toy race car.
97. Drink a new juice.
98. Chew on a licorice whip.
99. Wax the car.
100. Put photos in an album.
101. Make love.