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Improve Your Memory

As we age, our memory seems to become an issue. Some more so than others.  Has it happened to you???  Its happened to me, for quite some time now. And I keep saying to myself that I have to do something! It’s more than just walking in a room, and forgetting what I went in […]

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I debated about writing this article about jokes. Then I remembered a past article I wrote, “The Best Medicine“. It focused on how laughter can often be the best medicine. What better way to get a dose or two, of that medicine than by reading some jokes. I’m game, are you?? I will keep them […]

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What Do You Do For Halloween??

What do you do for Halloween?? Besides the usual Halloween parties, with family, friends or co-workers. Passing out candy, or taking the grandchildren out for trick or treating. Or like my husband and I, after the kids were too old to go trick or treating, we passed out candy to the neighborhood kids. As large […]

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Do You Have Enough Money to Retire?

Do you have enough money to retire? Some people 50 and beyond, were able to save for their retirement. Now they have a sizable nest egg, and they can afford to retire comfortably. But many of us aren’t as lucky. For whatever reason, many of us did not have the luxury to save money. Or […]

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Useful Gadgets & Such

I have found as I’ve gotten older, what was once something fairly simple to do/use, has become quite challenging. I still cherish being independent, these particular situations, leave me feeling rather helpless. That is why I am writing this article, useful gadgets & such to help those of us 50 & over. My Personal Experience […]

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Single and Dating

Are you single and dating? Or are you trying to date, but finding it extremely difficult to do? I hope you will find in this article something that may be useful to you, or for you. I have a single friend who has been trying to find nice guys to date for well over a […]

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Change of Seasons

Many people absolutely love the change of seasons. They love to re-decorate for different seasons. They become excited, for ‘this’ season, is their favorite season. They enjoy shopping for a new season. Whether it be fashion or food, they love it. My youngest daughter loves the change in coffee flavors at Starbucks or McDonalds. When […]

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The Best Medicine

Whether you’ve been sick. Today’s the day the big wigs are coming for their quarterly visit. Your daughter is texting you because she’s having a horrible argument with her better half. You forgot to pick up your son at school.  Your husband/wife is having issues at work, so you try to be supportive. Your youngest is […]

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My AHA Moment

Coming down with anything can be a setback in your day to day life. Having a psoriatic arthritis flare-up can be one of those sets backs. For me, my flares are major. But having one without any sort of pain medicine, that makes it a whole new ballgame. Thing is, I have only had one […]

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Do You Have a Bucket List???

Sometimes when one turns 50, they look back on the first half of their lives. I know I did. So did my husband. He did a lot of the what if’s and should’ve, could’ve. Since there isn’t a thing you can do to change the past,  let us look to the now, as well as […]

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